Thursday, October 4, 2007

Ummi kam ahwaha

These are the lyrics and translation of the nasheed

أمي كَم أهواها
أشتاق لمرآها
وأحن لألقاها
وأقبل يمناها
I love my mother very much
I yearn for seeing her
I long to meet her
And I kiss her right hand

أمي هي نبع حنان
أمي هبة الرحمان
والروح كما الريحان
أتعطر بشداها
My mother is a source of affection
My mother is a gift of the Most Merciful (Allah)
And the spirit as the basal
I perfume myself with her fragrance

أمي هي أحلى الحور
يبدو في الوجه النور
أمي فرح وحبور
وضياء يغشاها
My mother is the sweetest Houris
The light emerges on the face
My mother is happiness and joy
Overlaid with brightness

فأدم أمي بأمان
وسلام يا حنان
ولترض يا رحمان
أكرمني برضاها
So May You keep my mother always in safe
And in peace oh Gentle
And May You are satisfied
Make her satisfied with me

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